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About Kicha

Welcome to Majesty

I am 8 years old and I hail from God’s Own Country, Kerala which is in South Of India.
I started cooking when I was 4 years old, which inspired me to start my own cooking youtube channel KICHATUBE HD.

I cook every week and i eat whatever I make, posting the video for people who are hungry for recipes. You may remember the Indian Kid who was invited by Ellen DeGeneres and who made Kerala’s traditional breakfast puttu for Ellen.It’s none other than me who got the honour to be part of Ellen show (if you have not seen the video please google Ellen Kicha ). You may wonder why did Ellen contact and invite me for the show. It all happened from a mail which my dad got from facebook to buy one of my cooking video for $ 2000. Can you imagine a 6-year-old selling something for $2000?.So i became popular overnight. Followed by Ellen show, I was invited by Steve Harvey for Little Big Shots US. Hence, I travelled again with the family to the US. Consequently, I got invited to Little Big shots UK & Vietnam too.

Now I have over 200 videos in my youtube channel. I upload one cooking video a week. So also, I do un-boxing of toys video. Now I get invitations from Schools and Colleges for sharing my experiences. I enjoy doing it too. I love being in front of the camera and i think my passion for cooking intensifies when i prepare dishes for my audience. Personally, it helped me become better at public speaking.


In his own words, Kicha doesn’t want to be a regular chef but an astronaut chef. He wants to go to space and cook. He also has an idea to invent an oven, which resists gravity. Currently, Kicha keeps himself busy with his videos of “food review” and “cook with Kicha” if he is not busy then he is learning some advanced cooking lessons from Marriott chefs here in his hometown of Kochi.



My Toys

Kicha loves watching his mother baking and has helped her bake since he was 3 years old,
his mother would give him simple and recipes which he could follow. Once he suggested and
made ice popsicles and insisted on uploading the video on Facebook.


Goals & Vision

Learn and teach while learning the following things under headline “How to do?”

Grating, stirring and mix ingredients, cracking eggs, rinsing fruits and vegetables, measuring, peeling, squeezing lemons